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E S Transcription

E S Transcription



Our team of transcription specialists are a selection of trained and experienced individuals (within the UK) devoted to providing a first-class service to our clients.

The ES Transcription team form an extensive bank of knowledge, spanning multi-disciplines including:

  • medical

  • legal

  • financial

  • business

  • market research

  • media

Each transcriber has received many years experience in their particular specialism, and are friendly yet professional in the service they provide through ES Transcription.




The ES Transcription team works solely from the UK, and each member holds English as their first language.

Our transcribers are experienced and adept in providing high quality transcripts of:

  • dictation

  • one to one interviews

  • lectures

  • presentations

  • seminars

  • focus groups

  • round table meetings

  • conferences

All transcription work is produced to client specifications and delivered with high standards of accuracy and presentation, utilising components of Microsoft Office.


If you are interested in joining our team of transcribers, please click here for further information.


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