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E S Transcription

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The main source of media accepted at ES Transcription is digital transcription services of audio files are provided, such as DSS, WAV, MP3, MSV, DVF and many more.

The huge advantage digital dictation has is that it allows you to record your dictation and send the digital file immediately to us for digital transcription via email or FTP transfer.

This enables us to receive your digital file no matter where you are in the world, allowing us to get on with the job immediately if necessary.


We cover a range of services, including transcription of:

  • interviews (one to one, oral history, market research, radio, telephone, university research, PACE)

  • focus groups (discussions, round table discussions, group discussions, webcasts)

  • conferences (breakout sessions, Q&A sessions, round table meetings, corporate meetings)

  • presentations (lectures, keynote speakers)

  • dictation (correspondence, reports, minutes, notes)




However, ES Transcription, in addition, also caters for transcription of the following media:

  • Audio transcription services for traditional audio cassettes

  • PACE transcription services

  • Mini disc transcription services

  • Video transcription services



We are an experienced team of secretaries and transcriptionists with a vast range of experience spanning multiple disciplines including:

  • medical

  • legal

  • business

  • financial

We currently supply transcription services to a range of:

  • University Departments

  • Financial Institutions

  • Insurance Companies

  • Marketing & Planning

  • Production Companies

  • Solicitors

  • Human Resources

  • Expert Witnesses

  • Manufacturers

  • Architects

  • Recruitment Consultants

  • Authors / Writers

  • Postgraduates

  • Quality Assurance Research

  • Market Research

  • Surveyors

  • Medical Profession

  • Communication Agencies

  • Charities

  • Students