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E S Transcription

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Our team of transcription specialists are a selection of trained and experienced individuals (within the UK) devoted to providing a first-class service to our clients.

If you are interested in gaining further information about how our registration process works, then please read on.

We will only accept transcribers that meet strict criteria, who have a good experience of the transcription industry and understand that accuracy and quality is paramount. Should we find your application satisfactory, you will need to undertake an audio transcription test of an interview of average quality.

It will be assumed that transcribers will already possess and be conversant with the use of PC based transcription equipment prior to submitting their application.



You must:

  • have experience of the transcription industry

  • have the necessary equipment for the job including a foot pedal for transcription

  • have a good understanding of the English language and good typing accuracy

  • be able to qualify and meet our minimum standards

  • be able to adhere to specific deadlines on acceptance of a project

  • be UK based

  • are trustworthy with confidential information and are willing to sign our Confidentiality Agreement

  • have experience of transcribing interviews and / or focus groups as well as dictation

  • be able to undertake a brief audio transcription test




If, having read this information, you are interested in applying to join our team, please feel free to email us requesting a check list and application form.

It is important to note that if you do pass the registration stage, and accept works from us, you will be working on a self-employed basis and will be entirely responsible for your own tax and NI contributions.

  • no registration fees

  • no subscriptions

  • if you are capable and meet our required standards, you could start earning immediately

Quality is key



When you have completed your application form and returned it to us, we shall then arrange a convenient day / time for you to undergo a brief audio transcription test.  You will be sent an audio file along with a template and brief guidance notes, and will be given a timed deadline.

If you are deemed suitable to join our team, you will be invited to register.  Registration involves a brief informal telephone interview where we will gather relevant information regarding your experience and home office set up. Once you have completed and returned our Confidentiality Agreement, you will be given access to our project notifications.

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